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Welcome to Language Bite

Language Bite is an Australasian-based company, founded in 2006. Our cutting-edge language program has been designed by a team of highly-skilled linguists and educators, with a passion for communication. Our innovative teaching method harnesses interactive technology to make learning a new language easy, fun and convenient.

Our Method

The Language Bite e-learning method has been designed for people who want to quickly and simply learn socially-appropriate and functional phrases which can be immediately applied in conversation. Language Bite's 'one bite at a time' methodology was developed in recognition of research and experience which shows that the human brain can only effectively process a limited amount of new information at once.

Many of Language Bite's customers are busy people who don't have the time or head-space for lengthy classes or instructional CDs. Lessons are therefore short and succint, enabling retention of one useful phrase before moving on to the next. Many other language courses spend a lot of time teaching detailed background vocabulary and grammatical points before 'real' communicative phrases are even introduced.

Language Bite's team of linguistic and educational experts carefully constructed a curriculum which gradually introduces the essential elements of each language, within the context of useful, everyday phrases. The digital delivery of lessons enables busy people to learn a language as and when required.

Our people

Jo Lascelles-Lee BSLT, CELTA - Program Coordinator/Product Development
Language Bite is the brainchild of Jo Lascelles-Lee. With a background in Speech-Language Pathology, linguistics, language teaching, training and development, Jo has extensive experience in assisting people to communicate. Language Bite captures her vision of making learning a foreign language accessible, useful and enjoyable.

Ming - Mandarin Tutor/Curriculum Development
Our flagship Mandarin Chinese course Survival Mandarin for Absolute Beginners is presented by Ming. Ming is an English lecturer at a Beijing university and she has an outstanding ability to teach and present in front of the camera. Ming was also closely involved in the Mandarin curriculum development, providing authentic native-speaker guidance on the language.

Jackie Bates - Curriculum Development
Jackie is a native English speaker who also speaks Mandarin fluently as a second language and has spent a large amount of time working and traveling in China. Jackie worked closely on script and course development, including advising on useful phrases and travel information for new visitors to Chinese-speaking countries.

Steve Lee, BComm - Director/Chief Financial Officer
Steve has extensive business experience and is a great proponent of 'win-win' solutions, believing that business is about creating value for clients and building long term relationships that benefit both parties. Steve ensures that Language Bite has the system and structures to support our lesson formats and educational clients.

Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or enquiries.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the taste of a new language!

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