"I've been searching for this kind of video for quite some time and finally I found yours!!  It's amazing and easy to learn - thanks!"

"This way to explain is easier than others I have ever seen before.  The hardest part to me are the tones.. but with this I could understand.... congratulations!!"

"I have purchased this program and it's a good one.  For the price you can't go wrong.  I am learning Chinese and loving every minute of it."

"In 10 minutes I learned so much! Very helpful - xie xie!"

"I recently traveled to Beijing and was so glad I had done this course.  I used my phrases from the moment I arrived. I met other foreigners who hadn't learnt any Chinese before they arrived and wished they at least knew something.  I found the course an excellent starting point."

"This is wonderful - sign me up for lessons!"

"Wow - I actually understand Chinese now.  I look at (other) Chinese websites and  I didn't understand them. This I understand."

"Very easy to comprehend - thanks!"

"Over the last couple of months, I have been using the new Language Bite Survival Mandarin program and have found it to be absolutely fantastic. The system has been very easy to work with and has helped me absorb the new language quickly. Importantly I have been able to have my first simple conversations in Chinese over the weekend. Thank you for making learning a new language so easy!"

"Great resource"

"I love this."

"Thanks for making these beginner lessons."

"Language Bite is a great course. I found it a lot of fun. Ming is an animated and engaging presenter who made the learning of Chinese easy, fun and memorable. I found myself eagerly anticipating each new "bite".  What a great course, what a fantastic concept!"

"Like so many others today, I am having more and more contact with and travel to China. Language Bite is exactly what I need to fit learning Mandarin Chinese into my busy schedule. Thank you Language Bite!"

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